Pi Beta Phi
At Our University
About Our Chapter

Hello and welcome to the California Epsilon Chapter of Pi Beta Phi at SDSU. We are so excited to share our sisterhood and values with you!  

We take pride in promoting our values, being strong leaders on campus and in our own chapter, and being role models for all women.  

Pi Beta Phi strives for each of its members to achieve academic success throughout their years in college. Having Pi Phi sisters provides a strong support system through the use of mandatory study hours, a minimum GPA requirement, study groups, and providing nutritious snacks during midterms and finals weeks!  

"I love pi phi because it made the transition from high school to college way less scary by giving me a core group of friends that I knew all had the same values as I did. Every girl in pi phi that i meet brings something different to the table, I never feel like i’m meeting the same girl over and over again but rather a group of extremely diverse girls that all have the same core values. That is a very rare thing to find and I am so grateful to pi phi for introducing me to such a large network of inspiring women." - Ashton McKannay 

"Pi Beta Phi is my home away from home. I have the most amazing best friend/sisters for life. I wouldn't want it any other way." - Victoria Corrado