Read > Lead > Achieve

For more than 100 years, Pi Beta Phi has believed in the power of reading. Read > Lead > Achieve® is Pi Beta Phi's philanthropic effort, which inspires a lifelong love of reading that can unlock true potential creating a more literate and productive society. It is easy to get involved in Pi Beta Phi's Read > Lead > Achieve reading initiatives. Our charge is for each and every Pi Beta Phi to find a way they can participate, donate or advocate for Read > Lead > Achieve!

Pi Phi's international Read > Lead > Achieve initiatives include the following:


Champions are Readers is a program our Chapter has been participating in for the past few years where for two months of the year, Pi Phi's go to an elementary school and read to children. This program is very special to us because girls are paired with a buddy and read with that buddy weekly creating a bond and helping them develop their reading skills.


Pi Phi Pizookie is our big fundraising event we hold at our house to raise money towards our literacy fund. It is a fun event where everyone is invited to come and pay an entrance fee at the door to enjoy our delicious Pizookies, listen to music, and hangout with our Chapter! This year was a huge succes and we raised a total of $3,170 toward the literacy fund!