Our 2023 Executive Board
➹ President: Abbey Wilson
➹ VP Operations: Ellie Becker
➹ VP Risk Management: Tate Huisingh
➹ VP Finance and Housing: Ava Garcynski-Lewis
➹ VP Member Experience: Tegan Samuelson
➹ VP Community Relations: Jenna Cerruti

➹ VP Recruitment: Jordan Overboe
➹ VP Inclusion: Chloe Aquino
➹ Director of Policy & Prevention Education: Maya Wellbaum
➹ Director of New Member Experience: Sydney Sowarby
➹ New Member Assistant: Olivia Cantu
➹ Director of Lifelong Membership: Olivia Kammel
➹ Director of Academics: Jackie Knoesel 
➹ Director of Fraternity Heritage: Katie Chrisman

➹ Director of Housing: Undecided

➹ Director of Member Finances: Maddie Knee
➹ Director of Service & Philanthropy: Gabi Carrillo
➹ Director of PR & Marketing: Maddie Schmidt
➹ Director of Recruitment Events: Natalie Nierdermeyer
➹ Director of Membership Selection: Julia Law
➹ Director of Community Inclusion: Mia Jariya 
➹ Panhellenic Delegate: Annie Deal
➹ Director of Leadership: Catherine Missler

➹ Director of Member Conduct: Simone Rein Bosworth
➹ Director of Social Events: Vic Ruggiero